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24 Jul 2013

Dongjin Yuan Hong as “Celebrity Biography”, “Jaap beginning was the (mysterious),, He Pingshu (Yan), Wang the auxiliary Si (Bute), for Zhengshi celebrities. Nguyen the heir cases (Ji), Ji Shu Ye (Kang), the mountain giant source (Tao), to the sub-period (show), of Liu Bolun (Jing), Ruan Zhongrong (salty), Wang Jun Chong (Rong), as bamboo the Lin Mingshi. Fei Shubao (Jie), Xie Young Geographers (Kun), Sino-Korean celebrities. ” (the “Shi literature fourth Yuan Yanbo for celebrities pass Article Note the text.) pursuant to which one” Celebrity “since WEI end began. Liu Shao Wei Chu words before sex Natori, such as “Figures” history out in the famous case of Xing Ming Xue, a Baume & Mercier. Celebrities talking about Laozhuang Metaphysics mainly to so called celebrities. Before sexual Natori because of the name on the reality Cha Ju real problem, due to the practical purpose also in the practical nature of the name of the manager of “tasting” This is the title character of the goods at the end of the on Chengdong Han from . External said, is practical, internally said, tasting. Although open the aesthetic principles personality and artistic realm, (see “Figures parsing”) without known celebrities. Contingent inherited talent and Natori before sex with different clutch, the so-called four commentators, such as bell will, Fu Gu, Li Feng, Wang wide, solid nor in the late Wei, and each other with Zhengshi celebrities embraced the cross hair pure light. Thus provided only one is turned for Laozhuang of metaphysics. Celebrities style, which appeared in the history of mankind. What, then study what is meant by celebrities? “Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi running the army Weibin, Krzysztof warring Yi Rong Fu-hand things to render bright: alone multiply Su Yu, Ge towel lupine, command of the three armed services, with its intake ended. Sima sighed and said : Zhuge Jun can be described as celebrities carry. “(see” Sai said compensation “). Zhuge Liang since non-celebrities. Contingent Sima Yi went so far as to describe the “Celebrity”. Later, Zheng Banqiao because of artworks the elegant art also is mundane, while hair with emotion, saying: except the Zhuge public is the real celebrities. I said Sima Yi Zhuge celebrities, may give a clue to understand the characteristics of the grid of the “celebrities”. Sima Yi, Baume & Mercier has mushroomed Lu Qing light in society that their hearts have been this concept. “Rong Fu hand-thing” shall not celebrities, Zhuge Liang’s “independence by the prime public opinion, Ge towel lupine” are especially the attitude in the military, occasioned Sima Yi Rewards its clear light Ertan called celebrities. What, then “celebrities” Seiitsu the gas. Clear not muddy, Yat impressive. Shen falling and confined to the substance of the machine including, compared with cloud. And dew in the the substances machine including Aeolus transcend their material machine, including Yan Without Department of the boat, the people’s eyes CD its Aeolus suck, forgetting the material in the machine, including, for the Qing. God trapped in the material and machines, including as a cloud, God floating in the material on top of the machine, including for the Qing. Vulgar things success into moments. Vulgar, wind and condensation on the matter to practices through sets of so-called. The military military usages, the conduct of public affairs, political affairs of conventions. Each branch has a certain pass sets its start and end the beginning and end of the system. Even the customary ritual law Yijie on the daily life of the pass sets. The spirit of the fall in pass sets, cis conventions and doing things, compared to vulgar. The spirit overflow through sets, people forget the pass sets, compared with Yi. The Yat those from also. Sets and not pass away from the conventions as they flooded the Plaza. Yat special display “Fengshen, so Chun. Yat special display “charm, it is cleared. Is Gu Yue Seiitsu, Yiyue Toshihaya. Yat not consolidation in the conventions into the moment, it is the wind. Yi is free and easy activities, flow. Therefore, the total said Merry. Merry, such as wind, Gone with the Wind, water and his ilk, the main Guchang comfortable adaptive. It is not a Word, Sophisticated. The Plaza by the liberation of temperament derived comfortable also significant creative. Therefore, Lu Zhi Yi is God substantially. Yat man ’s tongue for clear words, their talk is idle talk. Yat is Bernard pass Xuanwei, so its Chi Yuen Chi, thinking meditations. Conventions into the moment of the transaction system is unclear no mysterious words therefore this shall not for the clear words, thinking this can not be meditations, a wisdom here nor Xuan Chi, can only be called “The Coast”. The Seiitsu, Toshihaya, comfortable, romantic, Qing words, talk, metaphysical thoughts, Xuan Chi, are celebrities in a grid of characteristics. Zhuge public as politicians, since no time for the celebrities. Ran Bi own a go of outgassing, it better tomorrow among the best of the calm and romantic. Bifei affairs doctrine politicians nor the hero Qi strategist, strategist and is famous morale (outgassing). (This self-Shun Sima’s sigh and say so, since politicians, whether, since hard to say.) Later, Yang Hu, pokeweed Yijie outgassing strategist. So-called furs slow with refined Merry is also. This is mainly military in political affairs, and has name morale or outgassing. I am non-celebrities also. Yijie famous CaoCao morale or outgassing by. Military strategist, politician, learning at home, the are sages hero, can outgas. This is with the grid and the extent and manner of its instruments are also to unspeakable. Yat Yat small and large, Yat’s true and pure, the Yat pseudo and miscellaneous. Therefore, grid level, while the product is not homogeneous. To the outgassing with cell body was: Reattachment in Germany while Rucker Reattachment in power and success, or Reattachment in words rather Liyan. Rucker those holy Yin for moral religionists; meritorious service as a military strategist, statesman;, thinkers the Liyan by learning at home. This can outgassing contained therein, and the people shall be non-celebrities. What, then Wei, Jin and the so-called celebrities, the so-called so and so home, and just for celebrities. Designed for celebrities, the people except significant outgassing outgassing without the accompanying Korea. That is, for a “celebrities” personality. Name morale turn to celebrities. Famous people in celebrities who. Fame filled with people attention. However, this so-called celebrities, non to Rucker name nor meritorious Liyan and name. Its name nor the name of “honor”. What, then this so-called celebrities, research on what name? Said: and provided significant outgassing name. The outgassing Although there is no attached Korea, and also performance. Its performance in clear words and talk. Its celebrities Qing words talk for celebrities. Also, clear words inherent says, talk inherent in the talk, say talk to Metaphysics. For Taiwan disabilities Yiyin Qing words Metaphysics while celebrities. Outgassing performance is also “green supercilious, but also in any place, not Shurei law. Its for the celebrities also Quantm life as celebrities. Celebrities in the name is not the name section, in the name of thrift, it is not in the name of the name of the real. Name section, the name the frugal, false name, there are annexed Korea in a pattern specification significantly. Celebrities in the name, no attached Korea not Replica Chopard Watches significant in the pattern specification. Its the name also, is only one o’clock sound outgassing light, full cover significant, not with propriety, not Yifang. In the name of its sound and light is not included in the oligarchy in the name of Replica Tudor Watches being the ruler of any moment, that nothing stand in the name of nothing. (But not a saint, “no fame”). This “the only significant outgassing nothing” personality of the celebrities personality. This is the celebrities of continuity, in the Wei and Jin dynasties out again in the history of mankind. May also be described as the Wei and Jin Dynasties opened up the spiritual realm also. Such celebrities personality, “provided significant Yat gas and nothing” words is extremely difficult, while people Gankaiwanduan. This is the outgassing of heaven and earth, also abandoned before heaven and earth. (Overflow nothing Reattachment, the so-called outgassing nothing useless, so-called abandoned before. That talented abandoned.) Cao Xueqin, Dream of the Red Chamber pains to cast such a personality type. Chan Jia Baoyu said: “pedantic humble barrier janitorial, impenetrably afraid to read the article, wealth and I do not know the music industry, lowly unbearably bleak.” Such four vain side, any at hanging not take on life is typical of celebrities personality. Cao Xueqin can be described through life Feeling Xuanwei men. Such personality given life on the day. Ordinary Wei and Jin Dynasties figures, more attention to its outer edge, and that the political environment of the times may not otherwise. Seems to assume that the outer edge of the case, they also can not so. This might be said, but also can not say that. The outer edge of such life has not decided, and only triggered. Assume that no such unique only in its life, nor the outer edge to make it a true performance. That hypocrisy performance, there is no meaning of life essential nor founding provision in the spiritual realm. Wei and Jin personality, externally, of course, is to extract intrinsic to say, but also the life of unique times. In the special context of a certain era, the people of the inner life of a unique machine, including burst out of a special kind of attitude. It is indeed the meaning of life on the nature of personality celebrities. Non-the Replica Chanel Watches best that can be parsed by the outer edge. Cao Xueqin very awareness and significance of such life-essential, it is in the literature has opened a unique realm, a great achievement of the works. This realm, which open up represent the personality of the Wei and Jin. This realm is the realm of outgassing and abandoned before, and therefore it is the feeling of helpless, Infinity bleak. The so-called Gankaiwanduan are also. In short, it is very appreciate at not very cursed at. Why is that? Such realm is the realm of art, is also the nothingness of the realm. Celebrities personality artistic nihilism. This is the basic situation. From the clear words talk, metaphysical thoughts Hyun Chi said, is extremely appreciated. He has this breath of fresh air, that also clever intellect, this is false does not come. From nothing into, and the corrupt customs, extremely accursed. Because the outgassing abandoned only without hanging ride at that as he can not accept. This they thought sadly. He is not standing Aguilar, Ann has to Anren, because just a little sound and light of the outgassing oligarchs sway, four no hanging ride, this can not stand to anything. This they thought nihilism. This point of view, entirely negative, morbid. Contingent aspects of its mysterious Si Xuan Chi said, he was also an active role, he carve out the realm of philosophy, specific to say, he can be used as a negative Buddhism media. In short, the letter righteous very complex, and yet to know arrested in side said. By the following statement, you can gradually unfold, reflected the meaning of multi.




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