the evergreen plant and ingenuity design from the high plunging down

24 Jul 2013

” Beverly Hills villa Introduction”Than Beverly Hills,” a unique position, ranked as the most prestigious of the Hong Kong Tai Po Tolo Harbour waterfront estates surrounded by the sea on three sides, to Peninsula the form a separate country, the majority of villas offer views of Tolo, Plover Cove or Plover Cove Reservoir, beautiful sea, estates and backed by the Pat Sin Leng enjoy nature green mountain “Beverly Hills” covering a total area of 90,003 thousand square meters, the construction of 535 luxury villas, each 3-storey villas, a separate the Parking layer and the roof, the area from about 250 to 1,000 square meters, the most5 bedrooms and two living rooms plus a living room, and offers a variety of villas interval. Estates with people and vehicles design, while the Court of green and recreational facilities a total area of 170,000 square meters, and provide a natural and comfortable living environment for residents, “Beverly Hills villa” reputation the world of French and Italian architecture and detailed The elegant art design is modeled on estates the main entrance of the fortress mansion entrance design modeled on the European aristocracy, extraordinary style. The estate has many attractions unique European style, including:? Roman art pattern paving, and the title lifelike little angel sculpture fountain at the main entrance to the Royal Square “? Mosaic art pattern gravel paved costume Mau green trees, flowing decorative fish pond and elegant lighting, and views of Tolo elegant scenery of Concord Square “? Series of more than 10 meters high, finished with Italian marble and natural stone floral pattern art murals? Conform to the trend of the rugged rocks, vast water decorated with the evergreen plant and ingenuity design from the high plunging down, called the “Queen Falls”In addition to the attractions, architectural design Each villa is a talent. The villas are blend of delicate carving and artistic elements difference doorpost, window frames, wall decoration, carved fence as well as the arches of the roof-shaped, triangular and rectangular frieze decorated with the precious stone and exteriors tone combination of ever-changing Clubhouse facilities”Beverly Hills villa” has a glorious and extraordinary independent luxury clubhouse, providing a wide range of facilities; most guest facilities in the estates of more territory rare, including:? Runway up to 350 meters, the territory estates only private mini Speedway? Theme Park Children’s Playground “happy forest”? Estates equipped territory longest 3.6 km fitness jogging trail? Queen’s Aroma Replica Breitling Watches Spa massage center.? Hotel Deluxe Seaview Ballroom? Six-star luxury Seaview gym? Replica Ferrari Watches Royal luxury theater? Tianhai connected to the resort-style pool with a heated indoor pool and a 360-degree outdoor cyclotron waterslideAnd luxuriously furnished flats demonstration villa”Beverly Hills villa” invites nearly 30 internationally renowned Replica Ferrari Watches interior designer for more than 70 villas are notThe present building of the same creative decoration demonstration, brought together the classic, elegant, luxurious, modern, minimalist and other kinds of design style, show superior heroic life of the Italian state. Famous interior designer Chen Chun-hao, Steve, high WENAN, Daejeon, Katsumi, Cenqi Ji, Chen Junyi, Deng Fengxian professional management and security servicesPrestigious “than Beverly Hills” by sharing the “Born Real Estate Management Limited in Hong Kong responsible for the management and security services,” Born Real Estate Management Limited has received numerous awards over the years at estate management, and in particular “than China Lee Hills “Household tailor-made range of quality services, and other configuration of advanced security and anti-theft devices, bring specially trained guard dog daily by professional guards to patrol from time to time in the villa, to ensure that tenants peace of mind. Quality management services, including.




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